Lets Talk About Law

So I want to talk about the Law.As someone who has been through the process of university and law school, I know how hard and confusing it can be. What area of law? What type of firm? What else can I do? Will I have a work/life balance? How rich will I be?! Coming out […]

What to do during my Law degree

There are a lot of aspects to think about when you’re studying. Each year, you will face new and potentially unfamiliar challenges. I think when you’re faced with the enormous prospect of starting a degree at university, probably in a completely new city, knowing best route to take to make yourself more employable can be […]

So Where Do We Start?

A career in Law is difficult enough as it is without all the barriers that are currently in the way. Lets try and cover a few basic things to consider along the whole journey, and I’ll go into a bit more depth into each area if people would like to hear more of my thoughts. […]